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FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 7, LEC 10 Catalytic Reforming of Naphthas (Part 1)

This video lecture from Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry (F.Sc. second year Chemistry) covers Reforming of naphthas or lower alkanes obtained from fractional distillation of crude oil. Reforming is reshaping or restructuring of the naphthas. The lecture covers the composition of naphthas and some standard reforming reactions including 1. Dehydrogenation of naphthens, 2. Isomerisation of paraffins, 3. Dehydrocyclization of paraffins, and 4. Hydrocracking of paraffins. Find more e-learning material and educational video lectures in Urdu at These videos are free to use for promotional and commercial purpose by keeping the credits to Maktab.

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