Biology -


Narrated animations can be an important tool in learning and grasping various key concepts of biology. Animations are far more effective than static figures and diagrams. The use of digital animations in teaching biology is becoming increasingly popular. Animations can greatly clarify processes involving motion (the movement of polymerases along DNA or the ribosome along mRNA, for example). Following is a chapter-wise list of animations collected from various internet sources that will help students understand different concepts of textbook. 

01 Introduction to Biology

02 Biological Molecules

03 Enzymes

04 Cells

05 Variety of Life

06 Kingdom Prokaryotae (Monera)

07 Kingdom Protista

08 Kingdom Fungi

09 Kingdom Plantae

10 Kingdom Animalia

11 Bioenergetics

12 Nutrition

13 Gas Exchange

14 Transport

15 Homeostasis

16 Support and Movement

17 Coordination and Control

18 Reproduction

19 Growth and Development

20 Chromosomes and DNA

21 Cell Cycle

22 Variation and Genetics

23 Biotechnology

24 Evolution

25 Ecology

26 Some Major Ecosystems

27 Man and His Environment

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